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Lemon Productions specialise in bespoke web design for small to medium businesses. We prefer to create hand-coded and designed sites in favour of off-the-peg content managed solutions and templates, allowing a superior quality of design, better search engine optimisation and not burdening the client with the job of managing content.

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Logo Design

Logo Design

Lemon Productions have designed many logos. A logo is one of the most important parts of building a company or brand. A good logo can make a product instantly recognisable and communicate something without any explanation can communicate much about a company.

We start by talking to the client to learn about the company or product; the next step is for us to produce several design concepts. The client is then able to make changes and make further suggestions before the artwork is produced. We can provide low resolution bitmap artwork suitable for letterheads, business cards and other small items, high resolution artwork suitable for posters and banners, or scalable vector artwork to go on vans and large banners.

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Case Study:
Art Uniting People

Logo Gallery Case Study:
Christians in Education
Business Cards

Business Cards

Business cards are still as important as ever. In this digital age where people tend to discover businesses online, it is vital to have an impressive business card so that your business stands out. A business card is the one of the best ways to get the people who you meet to visit your website to find out more about products and services.

Many people will throw away most of the business cards they get given and may only keep the few that made a big impact. Lemon Productions offer a high class of bespoke business card design; working closely with the client to make the most of the 88 x 55mm space available we ensure that as well as developing your brand, your business card will stand out among the others.

We can design your business card and arrange for it to be printed. We have built up good working relationships with expert lithographic and digital print companies to offer great quality printing to fit every budget.

Business Card Gallery Business Card Gallery Case Study: HoneyPot Gallery Case Study:
Honey Pot Gallery

Letterheads and Stationery

Every business needs to send out letters. Memos, invoices, compliments slips and a variety of other information is vital for a business to keep in touch with their clients.

As part of a creating strong brand, Lemon Productions design letterheads to stand out and impress clients.

As most companies now have a good quality inkjet or laser colour printer, we can provide stationery as Microsoft Word or Apple Pages templates, so that the letterhead design can be printed alongside the content of the letter. This means no expensive initial cost to get your stationery printed. If the client prefers, we can arrange for the designs to be professionally printed. We have built up good working relationships with expert lithographic and digital print companies to offer great quality printing to fit every budget.

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PowerPoint and Keynote Presentations


Great presentations can make a big impact and Lemon Productions are experienced at creating amazing presentations.

We can provide clients with a template to use as the basis of their presentations or even create the whole presentation for you! We can work in Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote to design and build a presentation that will suitably impress.

If you want to get started with Apple Keynote, our sister company LemonAid Mac can provide one-on-one tuition to get you started, create templates with you and show you how to get the most out of your presentation.

Great Value


Lemon Productions are proud to offer competitive rates on all web design. Please contact us to get a free, no obligation quote.

Prices below are for new clients who only want a website, lower prices are possible if clients are having logos and printed media designed as a package

Service Price Estimated time
Intial designs - up to three different designs from £50 1 week
Logo Design (for small logos) from £50 1 week
Logo Design (for large logos) from £100 1 weeks
Logo Design (with 3D elements) from £120 2 weeks
Business Cards from £50 1 week
Letterheads from £50 1 week
Logo and Business card from £80  
Logo, Business card and letterhead from £120  
Additional graphic origination £25 per hour  
Additional vector graphics origination £30 per hour  
Additional 3D graphic originiation £60 per hour  
Additional print document design £25 per hour  
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