• Final Logo

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    Client: Christians in Education
    About: Christians in Education is an organisation that brings together teachers and educators who share Christian beliefs

    This is the final logo which is currently used on all advertising, letters, and posters

    Having discussed the design of the logo with the client, we presented them with several ideas.

    The client was interested in a creative look for the logo, so several artistic takes on the logotype were presented.

    We worked on several other concepts for a logotype in different fonts.

    This selection shows a wide range of different ideas for the finish of the logotype .

    Here are two design ideas based on thoughts from clients.

    The client had mentioned notebooks as an idea at the initial briefing.

    They were also keen to try designs integrating a cross.

  • Skweeze-Tite Pin  
    Another suggestion that came from the client was the use of a book that could either represent a bible or an old school textbook.

    We used a cross on the cover of the book and tried several logotypes.

  • MotoMake Logo  
    Among the logos we initially presented, Lemon Productions came up with an idea that had not been suggested by the client.

    The idea of multi-coloured men standing on the edge of an artist's pallette was quickly mocked up.

    The client was presented with all the designs at a committee meeting and all attendees loved this concept , deciding touse this as the basis for the final logo.

  • MotoMake Logo  

    Another concept for the logo that came from the client was using a blackboard as part of the design.

    Using a blackboard and chalk, we developed this concept that the client eventually chose to be the basis of the final logo.

  • MotoMake Logo  

    This concept was turned into finished artwork that could be used at various resolutions.

    A vector graphic version was also produced in a simplified black and white for very small or very large use.

    The full-colour logo was supplied to the client in high and low resolutions in a variety of useful file formats for them to use on various letters, posters, etc.