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Lemon Productions specialise in bespoke web design for small to medium businesses. We prefer to create hand-coded and designed sites in favour of off-the-peg content managed solutions and templates, allowing a superior quality of design, better search engine optimisation and not burdening the client with the job of managing content.

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Please take a look at some of the sites that Lemon Productions have previously designed and built for different clients.
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Design Process

Lemon Productions specialise in bespoke design for small to medium businesses. We pride ourselves on the quality of our design work, both in how it looks and the care we take to ensure the site is well coded and fully Search Engine compliant. We work closely with clients, anticipating all your needs to produce the best possible.

When a client comes to us, we go through several stages to develop their site...

  • 1
    We meet with the client to discuss the site. At this point we tend to talk about ideas for the look of the site as well as discussing the content that will be required. At this point we are able to quote a price for the site.  
  • 2
    We go away to develop the overall look and feel of the site. We produce three or four different major design concepts and variations. There is a set fee of £50 for the initial design phase.  
  • 3

    The client chooses a look for the site and we work alongside them, combining any elements of the different concepts to produce a final design. We then start building the site.

  • 4
    The client provides the text and picture content for the site. Lemon Productions are able to help with writing copy for the site as well as original graphics or photographs to use on the site.  
  • 5
    Once the site is built, the client is able to view it on our private server and can then make one set of changes included in the original price.  
  • 6
    If the client requires further changes, these can be made but are charged on an hourly basis.  
  • 7
    When the client is completely satisfied with the design, the site can be uploaded. If the client needs help finding affordable hosting and choosing a domain name, we are able to set this up for them.  
  • 8
    Once the site is online, Lemon Productions will continue to monitor the site and provide maintenance.  
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It generally takes a week to create up to four major initial designs for the site. After that development can take as little as 3 weeks depending on the complexity of the site and the availability of copy and picture content from the client.



Lemon Productions develop sites based on the most up-to-date industry standards including HTML 5 and CSS3. We also use a popular web technology called jQuery that allows all the effects that are common on the web today such as 'light box' galleries, image carousels and animation.
Lemon Productions develop sites using industry standard professional tools and use web standard technologies wherever possible, rather than any proprietary technology. We now develop all suites with HTML 5, the latest version of the language used to write websites and is used in conjunction iPhone and Androidwith CSS3, which is the latest technology for creating graphically rich page layouts and all videos use the web standard H.264. This not only means that sites are compatible and look great on any computer, no matter what browser the user has, but also means that there is never any additional software to install before the site will work properly! Each site we produce is tested on multiple platforms in different browsers to ensure complete compatibility.
We can even create customised sites that are optimised for mobile platforms such as iPhone and Android, where a site designed for a computer screen may not always work as well.


Search Engine Optimisation

There are a lot of myths surrounding Search Engine Optimisation and a lot of unscrupulous companies ready to exploit this. In the digital age, it is important to ensure that a site is not just well designed and has all the right content, but it must also be easy to find. Most users will first stop off at a search engine like Google or Bing, and companies like to ensure that their site will be one of the most prominent results. Some companies, specialising in SEO will claim to guarantee a site can be made to be the top result on Google – but in fact there is no way that they can possibly guarantee this. Search Engine Optimisation is not some form of voodoo, but is rather building a site in such a way that all the content can be read and catalogued by search engines, such as Google, and also providing a set of links to the site from other reputable sites that will improve its rating. Lemon Productions engineer all their sites to work with Google's cataloguing system and will work with clients to ensure that a site is linked to from other relevant sources to improve its page ranking.


Support and Maintenance

Even after a site is designed, completed and uploaded, Lemon Productions will continue to monitor it, ensuring that the site performs correctly and will send periodical analytics data to the client to show how the site is performing, as well as suggestions for how it can be improved. We also offer various maintenance packages for sites that will require regular updates and amendments. We favour this approach to the use of an off-the-peg content management system, allowing clients to simply let us know what changes they want made by email or telephone without having to manage the site for themselves. We have found most clients would rather leave the addition of new content up to an expert web designer rather than having to manage the site themselves!

Our maintenance packages cover:
  • Monthly Health Check for websites.
  • Quick Response when there is a problem with a site
  • Agreed number of additions and alterations to site
  • Limited technical support/ advice service for I.T. and Internet
  • Improved Search Engine Optimisation service
Great Value


Lemon Productions are proud to offer competitive rates on all web design. Please contact us to get a free quote with no obligation.

Prices below are for new clients who only want a website, lower prices are possible if clients are having logos and printed media designed as a package

Service Price Estimated time
Intial designs - up to three different designs from £50 1 week
Website Packages    
Single page website from £80 1 week
Multi-page website (2 - 5 pages) from £70 per page 2 weeks
Multi-page website (6 - 10 pages) from £65 per page 3 weeks
Multi-page website (10+ pages) from £60 per page 3 weeks
Purchase of domain name and hosting (if needed) £15 for 2 years  
Copy writing service £25 per hour  
Additional HTML programming £25 per hour  
Additional Photo manipulation £25 per hour  
Additional graphics origination £30 per hour  
Additional Multi-media (including movies) £30 per hour  
Additional 3D graphic origination £60 per hour  
Maintenance with no updates from £20 per year  
Maintenance with 2 sets of updates from £75 per year  
Maintenance with 4 sets of updates from £120 per year  
Maintenance with monthly updates from £200 per year  

Estimated prices based on all copy, logos and graphics being supplied by the client. All site packages include one set of changes by the client. Additional alterations after this will be charged on an hourly basis. Time estimates are based on all content being promptly supplied by the client and do not include additional time needed to make any further alterations.
Maintenance is optional but is recommended. If clients do not wish to take out a maintenance contract, they will need to pay for alterations on an hourly basis. However if the client decides to switch to a maintenance package at a later date, any payments already made can be offset against the cost of the contract.

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