Client: Art Uniting People
    About: Art Uniting People is a non-profit organisation who put on art exhibitions in Maidstone, showcasing the talents of those around the South East of England including those with mental and physical health issues

    Here are a selection of posters and banners produced for Art Uniting People.

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    This was the first poster designed to recruit artists to join in with the first exhibition. in 2009 It was shown in libraries and art shops.

    The client initially didn't have many pictures to use on the poster so a simple design was chosen.

    The poster was also designed to be printed at low-volume on an ink-jet printer to save on initial costs

    This poster was designed to advertise the first exhibition in 2009 to the general public.

    It was printed professionally, allowing more pictures and colour than the library poster.

    Two banners were designed for the exhibition.

    A vertical banner was designed to stand outside the gallery.

    A horizontal banner was produced to go outside the building. Here is the final banner hanging on the railings as well as artwork for an early version of the banner with the pictures in a different order and slightly different layout

  • Skweeze-Tite Pin  
    For the 2010 exhibition, a new poster was produced to reach new artists and was again displayed in librarys.

    The poster on the left was the original design that was professionally printed.

    On the right was an alternative version that was used later. It features several changes to the text and layout and is predominently light to be printed on an ink-jet printer

  • MotoMake Logo  
    This was the main poster for the 2010 exhibition.

    It featured a wider selection of artwork, as there were now many artists able to supply pictures for the poster.

    It was printed professionally in both A4 and A3 sizes to go in different shops and libraries

  • MotoMake Logo  
    This is the 2010 banner that hung outside the event along with the Art Uniting People staff and volunteers.

    The banner was similar to the poster, but featured more pictures in a different order

  • MotoMake Logo  
    Lemon Productions also created the posters and signage to go inside the exhibition.

    As these posters were printed as one-offs on A3, they were designed to be light to not waste ink.

    Lemon Productions also made several props for the exhibition.

    This included a voting tin and a foam-board model of the logo

    For the 2011 exhibition, Lemon Productions designed a new look for the posters and website using a diagonal stripe pattern which would be consistent across all media along with a revamped logo.

    We produced 3 different versions of the artist recruitment poster to appeal to different groups

    The poster designed to attract the public to the 2011 event follows the same theme with diagonal stripes.
    This is the artwork for the 2011 banner. Again it follows the same consistent design as the poster and website.

    Each design features slightly different pictures in each stripe.

    Here is a selection of posters designed to go inside the gallery in 2011. They use the new logo.

    Lemon Productions has also created and printed all the labels and signage for the inside of the gallery

    These posters are also part of the internal signage for the 2011 exhibition, featuring information for some of the artists.